Providing language training that allows both participating organizations and participants to grow is the key to our offerings, and this is reflected in the design and execution. We do this by offering function-oriented customized training courses in Dutch, English and German.

These connect to the daily practice of the participants, allowing them to apply the knowledge gained there. We mimic conversations that are held and the employees' own materials and situations are central.

(Short online) on-site or online training courses

We offer both short online trainings that refresh or deepen knowledge and more extensive trainings in which we deepen skills and knowledge. This can be either in-house on site at the company, remotely or in a combined format.

Flawless back office

Our back office ensures that training sessions run smoothly. From start to finish, our office manager monitors the process and provides feedback to the organization as needed.

During the course, we maintain regular contact and, if necessary, adjust the training. Does one of the participants not come along? Then the trainer provides extra support or we look for another solution. Lexicon works with a digital attendance system so that the client can track attendance in real time if desired.

Native trainers

Training is focused on people, which is why we always look for the most appropriate trainer for your organization. Our team consists of his experienced communicative trainers with love for their profession and an eye for the participants. They empathize with your practice and always adapt the trainings to your sector, function and level.


In addition to language, culture is an important aspect of our language programs. With whom do the participants communicate, what is her or his cultural background and how does everyone work best together?

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