Preliminary track

In an extensive preliminary process, we link the goals from the organization to the needs and level of the participants.

How do we do that?

Beforehand, we map out the situation through a conversation with the client and possibly a supervisor. The central question is the bottleneck in the workplace. What language intervention is needed for the employees to perform their jobs (even) better?

This includes discussing the reasons and goals of the training:

  • For whom.
  • What function?
  • Why?
  • How?

Personal intake

A personal intake interview with a trainer takes place with the participants. Based on this conversation, the current language level and individual learning wishes are determined, among other things. Participants can also fill out an online intake form to indicate learning needs or take an online test(English or German) to test the language level. Participants' supervisors can complete the online form to indicate additional goals and learning needs.

Workplace scan

We visit you for a workplace scan to get a good picture of the internal organization. Which language contacts do the employees have and which level fits which function? The starting point is to gain insight into the business processes, the language contact moments and to uncover any bottlenecks via various departments and employees.

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