Workplace scan

Lexicon Trainings finds it important to get a good picture of the internal organization. For this purpose, we deploy the shop floor scan so that the training courses are even better aligned with the practice of the participants.

During this scan, we speak with several people within the company. These include an HR employee and a line manager. The starting point is to gain insight into the business processes and language contact moments through various departments and employees, and to uncover any bottlenecks. We also like to walk around the company to see how communication and processes are running.

The scan reveals issues such as:

  • Who needs the training for their position? Why?
  • Who runs into issues due to insufficient command of Dutch, English or German within their team?
  • What language contacts are there in the workplace?

The result of the scan is insight into the processes and bottlenecks on the shop floor. This allows us to tailor our training even better to the practice of your company.

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