About Lexicon

Our mission and vision

Lexicon means communicating better. With courses focussed on and tailored to the jobs in your organisation, Lexicon provides businesses and organisations with the right knowledge and capabilities to communicate successfully in their day-to-day practice, and allows them to forge connections between different languages and cultures. Doing business successfully and working with other nationalities than one’s own are not merely a question of learning each other’s language. Knowledge of each other’s culture and social codes is just as important when it comes to communicating well. Lexicon’s goal is to teach businesses, organisations, and individuals to speak another language with all the cultural aplomb of a native speaker. That’s the best way to avoid miscommunication. Lexicon’s courses are focussed on and tailored to the jobs in your organisation—and that’s how participants can start applying what they’ve learned as early as from day one.

Deciphering cultural codes

Caroline van Blerkom started Lexicon in the 90s. The office devoted itself exclusively in those days to teaching Dutch  to non-native speakers. “During that time I noticed as an instructor that expats would often have difficulty with their Dutch colleagues. Our consensus-oriented culture doesn’t always sit well with expats. I started developing language courses where a lot of attention is paid to cultural codes. Because the fact is that you can learn to speak another language, but if you don’t get the cultural codes around it, you’re likely to get things all wrong.