Quickly corrected texts, for many of languages

DigiSupport is an online service from Lexicon that helps you in a jiffy with all your questions about the written word. Would you like to rewrite your standard letters? Edit a report? Want advice about the structure of a piece of writing and how it can be put together? How about tips on keeping your writing style clear and simple? With DigiSupport, it’s a cinch!

DigiSupport is easy: send us your question or your text. If you have several texts, send us a representative sample, and one of our language and communications specialists will get in touch with you.

Quick correction of texts in English

In addition to texts in Dutch, it’s also possible to check letters and other materials in English for correct usage and construction. If you’re doing business with English-speaking businesses and need documents and e-mails checked quickly and securely for correct usage, you’ll have a professionally vetted and easily readable text back within 48 hours, so that your chances of succeeding in business grow.