Online training in Dutch

Objective writing

Writing objective texts

  • 3 training sessions
  • 1 e-learning module

Writing an objective report is not always easy. In this short online training you will learn how to write a report in clear Dutch. Questions such as "what do I see, what is my message and who am I writing for?" are the starting point of a good report.

You will also learn the difference between opinions and facts and we will pay attention to what objectivity is and what you can do to write objectively. The writing itself is covered as well as how to formulate sentences as clearly as possible. We will also cover verb spelling and the most common spelling mistakes.

Within a few training sessions you will be aware of all the do's & dont's within objective reporting. You will use the e-learning Objective writing within childcare and there is room for your own input so you can discuss your own real-life examples.

Topics during the training and e-learning module:

  • Right message in an objective manner
  • Objective writing
  • Opinion or fact
  • Spelling


The short online training in Objective Writing is designed for staff within the child care industry who need to report interviews or observations.

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