Blended Learning: easy does it!

Since 2010 Lexicon has been offering blended-learning courses in English, focussed on the jobs in your organisation. Blended learning is the new way to go: a sophisticated mix of e-learning, individual e-coaching, and traditional practice sessions onsite with a qualified trainer. See how it works >>

Greater efficiency

Blended Learning is an innovative pedagogical method that offers businesses considerable savings in time and costs, through the use of the Internet.

Pick up the course content faster

The use of Internet modules and of individual e-coaching makes it easy to offer targeted training that meets the specific needs of participants. During the in-class sessions there’s plenty of room to practice in real-life situations. Combining online learning and practical exercises makes it easier to absorb the course content and apply what you learn in real-life situations.

The interactive design and the possibility to switch also make Lexicon Blended Learning a lot of fun. The contents of the training are focussed on the jobs in your organisation and customised for any business or other organisation. Participants can apply what they learn in the course directly to their daily work.

Business English, German, French, Dutch at the workplace  through blended learning

Lexicon offers Business English German, French, Dutch at the workplace  through blended learning to various groups in finance, sales, technical support and recruitment and selection.