The Language Academy

Lexicon Trainings has specialized in language training in business Dutch, English and German since 1994. The core activities consist of providing complete function-oriented customized training courses. Lexicon Trainings helps employees of organizations grow through language and culture training that leads to what they call "professional self-reliance.

Lexicon business language training

In order to develop in the field and reinforce the growth of LexiconTrainings, a lot of hard work has gone into a new website and a detailed positioning. The new website enables interested parties and potential clients to find information quickly and to the point in order to get in touch.

Caroline van Blerkom (director Lexicon Trainings); 'We like to come into personal contact with people. Then we can give sound advice and discuss what is the best language training for the employees. And through which both the participating organizations and the participants can grow.'

For the task at hand, Lexicon Trainings joined forces with Funcke. A creative agency that, just like Lexicon Trainings, is located in the Koepel in Haarlem, the hot spot for digital knowledge, connections and talent for entrepreneurs and students. Literally a place where education, culture and business come together.

During the development of a website there are many options and possibilities to choose from, but the consequences of these choices are not always immediately clear. Therefore, Lexicon Trainings and Funcke have paid much attention to discussion, coordination and making choices and consequences clear. Because of this, the goal always remained sharp; a high quality website, which meets the current standards in use, findability, management and visual appearance and above all positions Lexicon in the right way.

Curious? Then take a look at or contact Caroline van Blerkom at 023-5310830 or