Subscription to growth and renewal

Lexicon helps employees grow through language and culture training that leads to what we call "professional self-efficacy. After the trainings, employees communicate more confidently in business situations such as meetings, phone calls or writing business texts.

Good language skills in Dutch, English or German also provide more opportunities for advancement within an organization. But also better cooperation within teams. Which in turn leads to more continuity within an organization. Win-win thus.

Growth through language

  • At the individual level: the employee becomes stronger and more self-aware
  • At the team level: a team communicates better, resulting in fewer misunderstandings
  • At the organizational level: a company that invests employees has more engaged staff which results in more continuity in the workplace

We are happy to help with this with our job-oriented language courses at any desired level. In-house or online with job-oriented e-learning.

An offer that really works

We offer language and communication training in Dutch (NT1 and NT2), English and German at all levels, focusing on performing a job well.

Our hands-on approach focuses on ensuring that the employee can immediately put the material learned into practice. Learning a language is mileage and you can only do it by doing it.

Lexicon's participant is a "master of the language": he masters the language at the level appropriate to the position he holds.

At the individual level and for the organization as a whole, as an independent provider and as part of its own training programs or academy.

Expertise in innovation

Lexicon is known for its keen eye for relevant developments in language training. Not only do we maintain our expertise in terms of didactics and content, but we continuously expand it with the latest insights and methods. We use innovative tools where appropriate, and invent them ourselves where we feel they are lacking. We are well aware of the demands that our complex times place on organizations and employees and respond to them with our offerings.

A relationship with Lexicon is a subscription to growth and renewal.