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Why Lexicon?
  • Job-specific language courses
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Business language training in Dutch, English and German

Training offer

For all language training courses, the function of the participants and the language used within the work environment are central. Such as business communication through phone calls, e-mails, business meetings and on the work or production floor.

For all departments within an organization, from Production, Engineering, Sales and Marketing to Customer Service, Administration, Finance and HR.

Subject-specific e-learning is part of the online pathways are.

For foreign-language employees on a Dutch work or production floor.

For status holders who have the opportunity to learn the basics of the Dutch language.

For expats who want to learn Dutch to live in the Netherlands.

For employees who want to write more confidently.

For anyone who wants to professionalize their business communication in English.

For professionals who want to expand their knowledge of technical English.

For employees who want to communicate more confidently in German.

For you as an individual or for groups of employees within your organization.


Lexicon operates virtually throughout the Netherlands