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Dutch for expats course

Just in the Netherlands and learning Dutch?

The Dutch for expats training courses are designed for groups of employees but also for individuals. At your company location, as online training or a combination of both. Weekly training sessions spread over a longer period or more intensive courses.

Discover the Dutch Language: Training Dutch for Expats (beginners to advanced)

Would you like to immerse yourself in the Dutch language and communicate effortlessly in everyday situations? Then our training course "Dutch for Expats " is exactly what you need!

This interactive course focuses on surviving in the Netherlands. We'll take you through practical domestic situations you'll face on a regular basis. You will learn to introduce yourself at receptions, to neighbors and colleagues. We teach you how to fill out forms, do your shopping and order in a restaurant without problems. We also cover topics such as food and drink, so you can enjoy the rich culinary traditions of the Netherlands.

Our experienced language teachers make sure you feel comfortable during classes. They use modern teaching methods and interactive exercises to develop your speaking skills. You will soon find that you can communicate in Dutch with confidence and ease.

Why choose "Dutch for Expats " training?

  1. Practical Focus: We focus on everyday situations so you can immediately apply what you learn. Whether talking to your neighbors, visiting the supermarket or ordering a drink on a terrace, you'll be able to communicate confidently and fluently.
  2. Personal Attention: Our groups are small, giving you plenty of individual attention and space to ask questions. Our instructors customize classes based on your needs and provide personalized guidance to maximize your progress.
  3. Inspiring Learning Environment: Our lessons are interactive, engaging and fun. You learn not only the language, but also about Dutch culture and customs. This helps you to quickly feel at home in your new environment.

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