Trai­ning Intro­duc­ti­on to the Nether­lands

For stu­dents of the Haar­lem Cam­pus, Lexi­con orga­ni­ses a short-term trai­ning Dut­ch. The focus in this trai­ning cour­se is an intro­duc­ti­on to the Nether­lands.

We’ll take you through prac­ti­cal domestic situ­a­ti­ons you’ll face on a regu­lar basis. You will learn to intro­du­ce yourself at recep­ti­ons, to neigh­bors and col­lea­gues. We teach you how to fill out forms, do your shop­ping and order in a res­tau­rant wit­hout pro­blems.

We also cover topics such as food and drink, so you can enjoy the rich culi­na­ry tra­di­ti­ons of the Nether­lands. The­se sub­jects inclu­de the busi­ness cul­tu­re in the Nether­lands and (busi­ness) rela­ti­ons with Dut­ch peo­p­le.

Lan­gu­a­ge & cul­tu­re

  • Trai­ning ses­si­on 1: Intro­du­ce yourself
  • Trai­ning ses­si­on 2: Res­tau­rants & food
  • Trai­ning ses­si­on 3: Gro­cery shop­ping
  • Trai­ning ses­si­on 4: Soci­al gatherings
  • Trai­ning ses­si­on 5: Dea­ling with the Dut­ch

Infor­ma­ti­on trai­ning Haar­lem Cam­pus 

  • Trai­ning hours: 5 trai­ning ses­si­ons of 2 hours each (10 hours in total)
  • Num­ber of dele­ga­tes: 10 (with 10 the trai­ning starts)
  • Trai­ning dates: the exact dates and times need to be deter­mi­ned (see com­ments below)
  • Trai­ning loca­ti­on: Haar­lem Cam­pus
  • Costs per per­son: € 150 inclu­ding taxes

If you agree with the invest­ment of € 150 per per­son, and you would like to attend this short-term intro­duc­ti­on trai­ning Dut­ch, plea­se click the but­ton below and fill in your name, e‑mail address and pho­ne num­ber.

We will sche­du­le the trai­ning as soon as 10 peo­p­le have regis­tered for it. The deter­mi­ned dates and times will be sent to you via e‑mail. Most like­ly the trai­ning will be sche­du­led on a Mon­day or Tues­day from 16.15 to 18.15 o’clock.