Dutch for expats and professionals

Dutch for expats /  beginners /  Program 1

Our Dutch for Expats program concentrates on ‘surviving in the Netherlands’. The focus is on everyday domestic situations. The following subjects are covered: introducing yourself at receptions, to neighbors and colleagues, filling in forms, going shopping, ordering in a restaurant, and food and drink. The main focus is conversational Dutch for Expats.

We organize these courses as well on individuel base (one to one) or incompany groups (throughout the Netherlands).

The course can start within two weeks.

Dutch for expats / professionals beginner – Program 2

This program is similar to Program 1, but focuses more on the perspective of the employee in the office. Subjects include the business culture in the Netherlands and (business) relations with Dutch people.

Dutch for expats / professionals advanced – Program 3

The program Dutch for Expats advanced concentrates on reading and composing business texts. We also pay plenty of attention to company cultures, job-specific vocabularies and grammar. The program is based on articles in trade journals, newspapers and workplace materials. The exact contents are tailored to individual needs. The participant must have sufficient proficiency in the target language (Dutch) to take part in Language Program 4.

Dutch for expats / professionals expert – Program 4

At the heart of this course is using Dutch in business situations, such as meetings, presentations, preparing a speech and negotiations, paying special attention to pronunciation, rhythm, word and sentence use. Where necessary, there is extra attention for functional grammar. The purpose of this program is to give employees self-confidence in business situations with Dutch people.

All programs are available for individuals, couples and incompany, at your workplace all over Holland or at our office in Haarlem.


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