Keys and intakes

Is it necessary to know the language level of your (non-native) employees or job applicants? Are you curious to know whether they have mastered or can achieve the desired language level and within how much time? By means of language tests and/or intakes we give you and your employees quick clarity.


The function and language context of the employee is the starting point of any training. What language does he need to operate successfully in your organization?

Our language courses focus on the business context and activities of the participants. From production workers who need to know about safety regulations to executives who need to present in English or German.

To measure is to know!

Within more and more professions there are requirements for the language level of employees. Whether it is for safety or hygiene reasons, because a certain level is mandatory or because your employees do not master a certain language sufficiently: Lexicon has an extensive portfolio of language tests and intakes that we can help with.

We use (recognized) language tests and intakes from TOA and in-house developed intakes based on the CEFR. In person, by phone, in writing and/or digitally. Our trainers are experienced in creating a relaxed atmosphere!

Lexicon can provide, at all levels, the following language tests and/or intakes for you:

  • Dutch
  • Dutch for non-native speakers
  • (business) German
  • (Business) English

Test your knowledge yourself in advance?