Online English training course

Business Meetings in English

Communicating better during English meetings

  • 3 training sessions
  • 1 e-learning module

In this short online course, you will learn about different situations that may arise during a meeting and how to respond to them in professional English. Important phases of a meeting such as negotiating, closing points and asking for clarification are covered.

During the training you will use the e-learning module Business Meetings in English and there is room for your own input so you can discuss your own real-life examples.

Topics during the training and e-learning module:

  • Common phrases, terms and expressions used during business meetings
  • Useful vocabulary during an (online) meeting.


This short online course is designed for any employee who wants to communicate professionally in international meetings and conversations.

For example, you are working in a position of Inside Sales, junior account management, junior recruiting.

A knowledge of the language at European level B1 is required to participate successfully in this course.