Business English course

Communicating clearly and effortlessly

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Business English course

Communicating clearly and effortlessly

About 20% of all people worldwide speak English as their first or second language. And this percentage is increasing every year. As a result, more and more employees have to deal with business English in their daily work.

And that requires a lot from your employees. As an organization, how do you keep up with these developments? How do you ensure that employees can perform their jobs across borders with confidence? And how can you minimize the effect of cultural differences in communication?

Good communication and really understanding each other is the basis for this! And that requires an approach in which language and culture go hand in hand. With a business English course, employees learn Business English necessary to perform their jobs confidently and successfully.

A business English course is of interest to your organization if one or more of your employees has to deal with English communication in the workplace or in a job? Is writing business English emails or making a business call to a client on the other side of the world complicated? Then you will benefit from a business English course.

In our customized English course, we look at what your employees need in order to do write that business email professionally and how they are going to look forward to such an English business call. In doing so, we look beyond language, because communication consists of more than language. Only when you are aware of cultural influences in your communication will you understand each other and be able to convey and understand messages well.
Our English language training helps employees grow personally. Not only by communicating more confidently, but also through the indirect effect of better language skills: greater opportunities for advancement within the organization. The goal of language training: to perform your job successfully by using the language well!

This course leads to professional self-efficacy. Specifically, it provides employees with the following:
  • an excellent business English vocabulary for the performance of their duties
  • Knowledge of language for speaking and writing business English correctly
  • writing skills for preparing business communications such as emails, presentations and reports
  • awareness of cultural differences, how they affect communication and how to bridge them with language
  • Confidence to speak and write English well in their jobs
  • More opportunity for advancement within an organization.

For whom is this
English course

  • For all language levels, from beginner to (upper) intermediate and advanced. We determine the exact starting level in an extensive intake.
  • For all functions and work environments within an organization, from Manufacturing, Engineering, Transportation & Logistics, Sales & Marketing to Customer Service, Administration, Finance and HR.
  • For anyone who wants to professionalize communications in his or her job, such as phone calls, emails, business meetings, texts and reports, presentations or (customer) events.

At Lexicon, we offer training with results. The starting point of every training program is that a person becomes successful in their job through good use of language. Business English training is therefore a customized course. Specifically focused on the needs of employees in their work environment and associated jargon.

By offering only what you apply immediately, you get the most out of your training and learn the fastest.

In addition to expanding subject-specific vocabulary, our course focuses on training daily skills such as writing quotes, drafting emails, talking on the phone with a client, presenting, business meetings and other relevant forms of communication. By professionalizing these skills, employees learn how to communicate quickly and effectively in business.

Cultural differences further complicate clear and understandable communication with each other. What is someone actually saying? In this business English course, we look at what cultural barriers may be at play in the workplace and offer tools to deal with them.

Yield training

  • knowledge of corporate culture
  • Speaking and writing confidently in the target language English, German or Dutch
  • subject-specific vocabulary
  • satisfied employees
  • better cooperation
  • more results in the workplace
We offer the business English course in different forms. When it comes to training an individual employee, the course is always online. Groups can be scheduled both online and in-house.

For in-company training, we use a group size of up to 8 people. By keeping the groups small, we can give each participant the desired personal attention. Prefer a combination of online and in-house? We also offer a hybrid version!

Lexicon does not offer one-size fits all training programs because, as a rule, they do not produce the results that employers and employees expect. Our training program can therefore be flexibly tailored to your needs.

We usually assume a minimum training duration of 10 sessions, with a training opportunity scheduled weekly. But if necessary, this course can be adjusted by intensifying it to several times a week or with a longer lead time.

Lexicon provides a personalized learning path for each employee, allowing each trainee to continually develop.

More results
on the job

Frequently Asked Questions

All of Lexicon's courses are customized. This way we guarantee that you learn what you need to progress, without unnecessary ballast or extra effort. What characterizes all our courses is the combination of language and culture. Because being able to speak and write a language does not mean that your message will get through or that you will understand someone else's message. Cultural differences determine how you communicate and what you expect from others. By being aware of this, you can communicate effectively and efficiently. In this way, you can perform a job more easily and it contributes to the atmosphere, progress and mutual contact in your project or organization.

Yes, upon successful completion of this course you will receive a certificate of participation.

Yes, subsidies are available for some industries. Read more at Subsidy language training.


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