3F Language Test

Lexicon Training offers you the total package of 3F language tests. Every employee in Child Care must meet the following language requirements by 2025:

  • Master the 3F language tests Conversation, Listening and Speaking at least level B2 of the European Framework of Reference for Languages.
  • Master the 3F language tests Conversation, listening and speaking at least level 3F of the Language Reference Framework.

3F Testing and Exam Training.

If you choose to have your employees test, you may choose to offer them Exam Training 3F prior to the test(s).

We also provide documentary evidence in the form of recognized testing according to the required reference level, as described in Meijerink's report.

Should your employees not pass any parts, you will receive advice from us on the necessary training.


  • Different levels: from 1F to 4F
  • Speaking skills - at your location
  • Making calls - at your location
  • Writing - at your location
  • Grammar - digital test
  • Listening - digital test
  • Spelling - digital test

Our approach to the Child Care Language Requirement

We provide the 3F speaking tests online (via Teams or Skype). When testing oral speaking skills (3F), our trainer conducts an interview of approximately 30 minutes with your employees during which the level is determined using TOA Tests. The listening comprehension tests are then taken digitally. This takes a maximum of 40 minutes. Within a week your employees will have the results, with or without a result sheet.

Applications from ten employees at a time.