Business German course

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Business German course

Don't miss a deal anymore

Missing out on a deal due to insufficient understanding of the German language and culture, that's not going to happen to your company again! Does your organization operate more frequently across the border? And do your employees increasingly deal with German in communications?

If as a company you want to do business successfully across this border, your employees must have knowledge and understanding of the German language as well as cultural differences. With a business German course, employees will learn functional German necessary to perform their jobs confidently and successfully. Learning German becomes easy and fun with our German language courses

A German course is interesting for your organization if one or more of your employees has to deal with German communication in the workplace or in a job. It is often possible to read a German e-mail, but getting a message across in German goes beyond vacation German.

Moreover, the German business world is a lot more formal and hierarchical than we are used to in the Netherlands, which makes professional communication in German quite difficult.

In our customized German course, we look at what specific skills your employees need to communicate confidently and professionally across borders. Here we look beyond language, because only when you know the influence of German business values can you convey messages well and learn to understand each other.

Our language training not only helps you communicate with greater ease and confidence, but also through the indirect effect of better language skills: career opportunities within organizations. The goal of language training: performing your job successfully through good use of the language!

What is the result of a business German course? This course leads to what we call "professional self-reliance. Specifically, it provides employees with the following:
  • German vocabulary needed to perform their function;
  • Knowledge of language for speaking and writing business German correctly;
  • writing skills for preparing business communication forms, such as emails, presentations and reports;
  • awareness of cultural differences, how they affect communication and how to bridge them with language;
  • confidence to speak and write good German in their jobs;
  • successful performance of their (inter)national function;
  • More opportunity for advancement within an organization.

For whom is this
Business German course

  • For all language levels, from beginner to (upper) intermediate and advanced. We determine the exact entry level in an intake.
  • For all functions and work environments within an organization, from Manufacturing, Engineering, Transportation & Logistics, Sales & Marketing to Customer Service, Administration, Finance and HR.
  • For anyone who wants to improve and professionalize communications in his or her job, such as phone calls, emails, business meetings, texts and reports, presentations or (customer) events.
At Lexicon, we know that success in the workplace depends on good language usage. Our courses are tailored to meet the needs of each employee. So you won't waste time on phrases you'll never use, and you'll learn German efficiently and effectively.

Our German language course focuses on three elements:
  1. Efficiency: learning only what is necessary for successful job performance.
  2. Skills: get started with practical skills, such as writing quotes, drafting emails and negotiating with clients, as well as attractive presentations and reports.
  3. Culture: culture makes clear and flawless communication incredibly complicated. For example, our Dutch informal working atmosphere is quite exceptional worldwide, while decision-making in Germany is much more formal and involves many more stages. If you know this, you can adjust your communication and project strategy accordingly. In our business German course we look at what cultural barriers may be present in the workplace and offer tools to deal with them.

We offer the business German course in different forms. When it comes to training an individual employee, the course is always online. Could more employees use professionalization of their German communication? Then we do that in groups of up to 6 people online.

In-house German business training
For the in-house German language training we use a group size of a maximum of 8 people. By keeping the groups small, we can give each participant the desired personal attention. Prefer a combination of both? We also offer a hybrid version! This also has a maximum of 6 people.

More ease and

Frequently Asked Questions

All of Lexicon's courses are customized. This way we guarantee that you learn what you need to progress, without unnecessary ballast or extra effort. What characterizes all our courses is the combination of language and culture. Because being able to speak and write a language does not mean that your message will get through or that you will understand someone else's message. Cultural differences determine how you communicate and what you expect from others. By being aware of this, you can communicate effectively and efficiently. In this way, you can perform a job more easily and it contributes to the atmosphere, progress and mutual contact in your project or organization.

Because of our customized courses, we cannot give you a fixed price in advance for a course that fits your organization. The exact cost of this course depends on, among other things:
  • the desired language level;
  • the form of training;
  • the skills to be learned;
  • training duration;
  • the group size.

Lexicon does not offer one-size fits all training programs, as they generally do not provide the results that employers and employees are looking for. Our minimum training program is 10 sessions with weekly training, but depending on need and learning requirements, this program can be modified.

Lexicon provides a personalized learning path for each employee, allowing each trainee to continually develop.

Yes, upon successful completion of this course you will receive a certificate of participation.

This course is not covered by a grant program.


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