Language and care

Language and care

As an employer in the healthcare sector, you undoubtedly understand the importance of effective communication within your team. Especially when it comes to foreign-language nurses who come to work in Dutch healthcare facilities. It is crucial that they have the right level of Dutch to communicate effectively with patients, colleagues and other healthcare professionals.

Language and Care, part of our proven concept Via taal naar een baan, is an intensive language training course specifically designed to prepare non-native nurses for the linguistic challenges they may encounter while working in the Netherlands. It allows them to improve their language skills from level A2 to B1 so that they are better able to communicate in a Dutch healthcare environment.


The program offers:

  • 30 contact lessons of 2.5 hours, including exercises and practical situations relevant to daily practice in Dutch healthcare institutions. These lessons can be scheduled 2 to 4 times per week.
  • Free downloadable conversations and audio files representative of various interactions in healthcare, such as conversations between patients and caregivers, formal evaluations and informal conversations between colleagues.
  • Glossaries in English, Polish, Lithuanian and Spanish to help learn specific terminology.

As a (future) employer, job intermediary or municipality, you can ensure that foreign-language nurses have access to these resources so that they can prepare for working in your healthcare facility. By supporting them to improve their language skills, you contribute to better communication and collaboration.