Via Language to a Job

Why take a detour when a shortcut also exists? Lexicon Trainings started the project Via taal naar een baan in 2022. With only 17% working status holders and a high number of open vacancies, there is clearly something going on in the Dutch labor market.

At the same time, there is a large group of status holders and refugees who are eager and able to find employment. Often with good education and relevant experience for those open vacancies. Due to no or insufficient command of the Dutch or English language, they do not always find a job that matches their skills or level.

Intensive language training

Lexicon Trainings started the successful concept Via taal naar een baan in 2022. In cooperation with several municipalities and employment agencies, we organize short intensive Dutch language courses that bring participants up to B1 Dutch. During these lessons the focus is on learning the language but also Dutch culture. From A2 onwards, the lessons focus on the work floor.

Dutch in the workplace

If the participant is at work or in training, Lexicon offers Language on the Workplace. The participants train Language and communication from practice but also working together in Dutch teams is addressed.

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Caroline is the founder of Lexicon Trainings. She has provided Dutch language training herself for many years and knows better than anyone what language challenges organizations and participants can have. For more information, please call 023-5310830.