Online English training course

Telephoning in English

Talking on the phone in English with more confidence?

  • 3 training sessions
  • 2 e-learning modules

In this short online course, you'll get right to work on incoming and outgoing phone calls, improving your vocabulary and putting practical example sentences into practice.

During the training you will use the e-learning modules Telephoning in English and there is room for your own input so you can discuss your own real-life examples.

Topics during training and e-learning modules:

  • Useful business formulations
  • Answer, transfer and close phone calls
  • Conversation
  • Alphabet and numbers
  • Business vocabulary


This short online training course Telephoning in English is designed for any employee who wants to use the English language in business phone calls in a professional manner.

For example, you are working in a position of Customer Service, Reception, Administration, inside sales, junior account management.

A knowledge of the language at European level B1 is required to participate successfully in this course.